Sailor Bow

Are you looking for a cute bow to make for valentines day, or do you just love sailor bows as much as I do? Well then I’ve got the pattern for you.

First, grab some cute fabric, a glue gun, and a hair clip or headband. And don’t forget to print off my pattern. Now you are ready to get started.

First, cut our your pattern pieces. Then you will use those to cut out your fabric in the following shapes.

Then take your big rectangle and your polygon and fold them in half so the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Next, sew across the top of the rectangle. For the polygon, sew up the sides and start sewing across the top, but make sure to leave a little opening or gap in the middle. You will need to do this so you will be able to turn it right side out.

Next, turn both pieces right side out.

Take your rectangle and fold it in thirds

Then take your little rectangle and fold it in thirds.

Then pinch your big rectangle and polygon between your two fingers.

Then wrap your little rectangle around the middle of your bow. Use hot glue to secure it in place. Obviously, you will have a little extra of your little rectangle that you will need to cut off. The reason that I made the little rectangle bigger than it needed to be was because I wanted some space between me and the glue gun. It’s just a little extra protection from burning your fingers.

Then finally you will glue your bow to a clip or a headband.

Now you have the cutest bows to wear for valentines day or any day!

Since I’ve got two girls, I made the pattern in two sizes. One for an older girl and one for a baby. Also, trying to take a non-blurry photo of a 12 month old that is constantly on the move is nearly impossible!

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to follow me on Instagram: olive_and_blush if you would like to check out some of my other sewing adventures.

I am excited to share with you my daughters fairy themed birthday party! This party is my most favorite party that I have ever put together! Everything turned out so dreamy! img_7151-2

First, I had the girls work on creating their own fairy scene with stickers as we were waiting for all of the girls to arrive at the party. I found these fairy stickers at the dollar store.img_7128

Once all of the girls arrived, it was time to get dressed up as fairies! I had made each girl a tutu dress. Sarah has a tutorial for how to make these. The only difference was that instead of using a crocheted headband I just used a 1 inch piece of elastic. I only used two rolls of tulle for each dress. The dresses were a little see through. I made sure that the girls came wearing pink leotards. The girls also received fairy wings, a fairy wand, a flower ring, and a flower crown. img_7089



They are the cutest fairies that I have ever seen!!img_7151-2

Then it was time to let them play and just have fun being cute fairies!img_7140img_7141img_7143

Next, it was time to make some fairy dolls. I scored big time and found these cute fairy dolls at a garage sale for $1 each. The only problem was that because I didn’t purchase these online I didn’t read reviews which would have warned me about how hard these were to put together. I prepped the dolls a little before hand. I put on the hair, the fairy wand, and the shirt. I gave the girls the fairy wings and fairy skirt to decorate with glitter paint and flowers to glue on. After the paint dried, I glued on the fairy wings and skirt. The girls loved decorating their dolls, but just beware it is a little complicated. img_7129img_7167-2

After the girls finished their dolls, I let them decide what they wanted to do next. I took them over to a pink blanket and let them choose between butterfly bubbles, a Fancy Nancy fairy dress up game, pin the fairy on the flower, a fairy puzzle, and a fairy book to read.img_7125

They first chose to blow butterfly bubbles. The bubbles were a last minute dollar store find. I’m so glad that I picked them up, because the girls loved them!img_7189img_7192-1


Next, they chose to play the Fancy Nancy fairy dress up game. They took turns spinning the wheel and getting to accessorize their paper fairy with stickers of a wand, wings, glasses, a crown, and a bow. img_7207img_7212img_7213

I just love all of the pink tulle!img_7214

The girls also played pin the fairy on the flower, although I forgot to take pictures. After games, it was time to eat!img_7183

We ate cake…img_7110

…and cupcakes!img_7112

We also had some butterfly crackers and cheese cut out in the shape of butterflies along with some green grapes and some flower shaped candies.img_7116

Then we sang happy birthday to the cutest four year old!img_7222

I’d love to share with you some of the details of the party! Like I mentioned before, I made the tutu dresses. Here is the tutorial again. The wings and wands were purchased at the dollar store. The flower crowns were purchased at JoAnn’s. They were floral rings that were meant to wrap around candles. They were a little small to just be placed on the girls heads. I just glued alligator clips to the bottom of the flower crowns so that they could be clipped into the girls hair.


 I really scored with all of the decor. When I went to JoAnn’s to purchase the tulle for the dresses I noticed that all of their spring decor was on clearance for 70% off. Almost everything you see was purchased for around $1, the flower crowns, the birds nests, the flowers around the cups, and the flowers for the cake.img_7118img_7137img_7132img_7121img_7114

The cake and cupcakes were from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Decorating cakes is not a talent that I have. I leave that to others. The faires and the number 4 sparkler were also from Nothing Bundt Cakes. img_7102img_7099-2img_7091img_7093

Thanks for taking a look at my daughters fairy party! I hope it gives you a few ideas for when you throw your very own fairy party!

My Favorite Room

I wanted to share my daughters nursery, because it is one of my favorite rooms in my home. I wont pretend that it is Pinterest worthy, but I still love it! On days when I feel bummed that I haven’t been to able to sew in a while or when I feel like I never get any of the projects done that I have on my list, I just go into my daughters room and I feel encouraged. Almost every piece of furniture in this room I either painted or sewed something for it.

I sewed my daughters crib sheets and crib skirt.

IMG_1137_edited-1 IMG_1141_edited-1

I painted the dresser a fun bright red!


I sewed the curtains.


I sewed the changing table pad cover.


I took this chair from a nasty brown and lime green and painted this chair a cream and recovered the seat in a cute pink gingham fabric. 


I made my daughter these cute doll sheets and pillow to match her room.


I also made the cute doll!IMG_1181_edited-1 IMG_1185_edited-1

I sewed the pillow that sits on the rocking chair.IMG_1195_edited-1

I sewed a cute peasant dress with left over fabric from the crib sheets. Next to it is my daughters blessing dress that I found at an antique store and I altered it from size 12 months down to newborn size.


I made this cute hamper from an old TV tray.


I sewed that hamper and added buttonholes around the four corners and tied the hamper, with pink ribbon, to the TV tray.


The inspiration for this room all started with these cute hooks. I picked these up years before I was even pregnant with my first child. I knew that someday I would use these in my daughters room. I am so glad that I held onto them for so many years and that I was able to find the perfect fabric to go with them!



I don’t always just sew for my daughter. I do sew for myself occasionally. I recently made the Roxanne pattern, by Victory Patterns. I also made a coral pleated skirt to go with it.


The top is a chiffon fabric with a butterfly print. It couldn’t be more me. It is coral, one of my favorite colors. It is also comfortable and flowy which is how I love my clothes. Nothing too structured for me.


The top has a high low effect to it. I was hoping to get a side view picture so you could get the full effect of the shirt. My 4 year old son insisted on taking these photos for me and these were the only ones that didn’t turn out crazy blurry. I have to say I am impressed that I got at least two photos to use. I’ll let him be my photographer any day 🙂

Muscle Bow Tee


I was excited that this month Project Run and Plays challenge was the mademoiselle muscle tee. It is just adorable. I set out to make just that, a simple muscle tee, for my daughter. It turned out a lot different then I had planned, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

I was working with some scrap knit fabric that I had. I had enough to cut the front on the fold. I didn’t have enough to cut the back on the fold. I did have enough to cut two separate back pieces and then I was just going to sew them together. Well I was in a hurry and I didn’t think that process through all the way. I ended up cutting two of the exact same back piece. Whoops! I was out of fabric. I had to improvise.IMG_8561

All I could do at this point was to even out the scoop of the back and add another arm hole. This silhouette of the deep scoop of the back plus the two back pieces reminded of the Piper dress pattern by Violette Fields Threads. I had recently made a couple flower girls dresses for my brothers wedding with the Piper pattern. The Piper dress has a big bow on the back. And that is when I had an AHA moment. Of course, why wouldn’t a fabric that has bows all over it be used with a pattern that incorporates a bow!


So a bow is what I added, and the end result is just adorable!

IMG_4049_edited-1IMG_4039_edited-1 IMG_4043_edited-1IMG_4041_edited-1  IMG_4046_edited-1 IMG_4054_edited-1IMG_4051_edited-1  IMG_4056_edited-1

It is still a little big, but I’m in Colorado and at this point there is no sign of Spring, let alone Summer in the near future. I’m hoping it will be the perfect fit this Summer!

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Snow White

I love when I come across pictures of old projects! I forgot that I made this geranium top. I had some left over fabric from when I made the sheets and bumper for my daughters bassinet. The sheets were the cute snow white print and the bumper was the orange and pink print. I need to take that bassinet out of storage just to take a picture of it. It was adorable! I had just enough fabric left to make this adorable teeny tiny top. I’m sad that I don’t have a picture of my daughter wearing this, it is to late to get a picture as she has long since outgrown this top. I’m glad that a picture at least exists. Now I am dying to find more of this fabric so I can make this again in her current size!

IMG_4402_edited-1 copy

IMG_4405_edited-1 copy

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Teddy Bear

This is another version of the geranium dress. I love this dress. It is made with a beautiful pink linen with a tulle underskirt. My girl wore this a lot as a baby. Of course, by the time I got around to photographing her in it, it was a little too small. Its more of a shirt then a dress now. I’m glad that I have it documented. 



IMG_8603_edited-1IMG_8619_edited-1 IMG_8636_edited-1IMG_8639_edited-2

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